The general research interests development of Dr Liu Jun

Last updated on:2 years ago

A concrete introduction of the development of Dr Liu Jun’s research interests.


2020 Ticking surgery by ML

2019 Image registration, AR image-guided surgery

2017 Embryo vitrification (a digital microfluidic device), Intracellular mechanical characterization

2016 Sperm orientation and tracking

2015 A robotic adherent cell injection (RACI), Mouse Embryo micro-aspiration, intracellular manipulation

2014 Digital microfluidic processing (a device), ultrasonic micro-dissection (visual tracking, contact detection), cell-cell communication (locating, contact detecting), Locating end-effector (autofocusing, )

2013 Human sperm tracking (Maximum intensity region, MIR + Karlman filter)

2010 Human computer interaction (hand gesture recognition)

One of his most important current research interest

Applying advanced method (ML, DL, etc.) to the real-time surgery process.