Should I contain background class?

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The answer is yes Because most deep learning frameworks for segmentation and detection consider background class (classification task does not have a background label).

Background class

Usually, semantic segmentation and instance segmentation should label each pixel of the image. For object detection, it also needs to generate bounding boxes with label id 0. Such labels will be removed during counting losses.


Why is background class not used for semantic segmentation loss?

Are you sure you need to train in a background class explicitly? Wouldn’t it be better to do something like:

bg = 1 - (pred_outs[‘segm’] > 0).float().max(dim=1)[0]

(i.e., one minus the union of the foreground).


MobileViT codes SSD has a background class:

class SSDMatcher(BaseMatcher):

    def __init__(self, opt, BGClassIdx: Optional[int] = 0, **kwargs)

Segmentation Label

Note that a single object (iscrowd=0) may require multiple polygons, for example, if occluded.

The segmentation format depends on whether the instance represents a single object (iscrowd=0, in which polygons are used) or a collection of objects (iscrowd=1, in which case RLE is used).

With the same image id.


[1] Why background class is not used for semantic segmentation loss?