Anthony Dave/狂小虎
A PhD candidate, Human cognition diver, Developer,
Athelete, Cyclist, Sightseer, Cinephilia, OP addict

Hello and Welcome! Here are about me and my website Xiaohu’s Blogs, and I am Anthony Dave! Using Chrome, you can right click your mouse and then translate the site into your first language.

About Xiaohu’s Blogs

The site publishes some technical blogs in English about how to solve some problems I met while doing research. You can also find some blogs’ Chinese version on the CSDN blog 狂小虎.

About my username

I named myself Anthony Dave when studying in summer school at the University of St Andrews.


本个人博客网站Xiaohu Blogs会和CSDN博客狂小虎一起更新。技术博客中,CSDN的是中文博客;具有更加广泛读者的英文博客将在Xiaohu Blogs中进行更新。Xiaohu Blogs还包括个人生活的一所随笔散文、思悟离骚。


本人虎年出生的,所以网名狂小虎。另外,Anthony Dave是我在英国游学的时候取的,这个名字很有纪念意义。