General thinking about lover relationship

Last updated on:21 days ago

I always regard a love relationship as people assist and care about each other. But it is not easy to find someone who can selflessly do it. The majority of people think about themselves on daily lives.

Recent inspiration

Sometimes, I am incredibly lonely because I think that I am being given up. However, thanks to the experience, I have a lot of time to think about myself and my life. Then I feel relieved. I gradually discover that it’s only me on the journey of my life most of the time.

Recently, I am trying to end my single life. Thus, I have a try to make contact with ladies. But I find that they always ignore my feelings. I know that people don’t know how other people think by online chatting in most cases, though I still feel upset. I feel better when I feel that they are just my regular friends but girlfriends.

Life itself is messy, but time is running. Keep your eyes on the road, enjoy the journey of your only life.