General thinking about lover relationship

Last updated on:9 months ago

I always regard a love relationship as people assisting and caring about each other. But it is not easy to find someone who can selflessly do it. The majority of people think about themselves in their daily lives.

Recent inspiration

Sometimes, I am incredibly lonely because I think that I am abandoned. However, thanks to the experience, I have a lot of time to think about myself and my life. Then I feel relieved. I gradually discover that it’s only me on the journey of my life most of the time.

Recently, I have been trying to end my single life. Thus, I try to make contact with ladies. But I find that they always ignore my feelings. In most cases, I know that people don’t know what other people think by online chatting, though I still feel upset. I feel better when they are just my regular friends but girlfriends.

Life itself is messy, but time is running. Keep your eyes on the road, and enjoy the journey of your only life.

I met a girl two weeks ago. I believe that she is a playgirl. She dated me in the afternoon and then swam with someone else the same night. So, I “broke up” with her (haha, we didn’t even start).

And I also heard the news that my ex had a boyfriend for two years. At first, I was shocked and upset, but then I felt relieved. I think it is me that doesn’t let things go. She said he is a fascinating and humorous guy. I ended up the communication quickly because it was not my business.

I only wish to win one girl’s heart because the lifespan is short, and there are beautiful sceneries to catch.

Movie review of the “before” series

I have watched the “before” series of movies, consisting of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and before midnight. I might learn how to handle the issues of a loving relationship.

I always push myself too hard by thinking that I should have a girlfriend. Otherwise, I will have less fortune and happiness compared to others. Sometime later, I got tired. And I made up my mind that I won’t make any girlfriend on this kind of stage. Once she showed up, I would reject her invitation due to my concentration on study/work. Now, I think it is pretty naive. I want to make this progress, which I am improving, be more accessible.

I consider that if there is someone/something like God. It/He/She gifts me many things but lets me lose something else. It’s equal.


“花生是坑,埋葬青春”。 Online relationship is not stable and not natural.


Never stop giving your love. You will never know who will fall for your love. Spread love. Some might not value your love. But for some, your love is everything.