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Time goes by quickly, and I also accomplished four courses of Deep learning specialization hosted by The lecture is still Andrew Ng. But at this time, I don’t feel sad anymore because Andrew is smiling at the end, “To do whatever you think is the best of what you can do for humanity.” Thanks to, I master the basic concept of deep learning.


  1. Neural networks and deep learning
  2. Improving deep neural networks: hyperparameter tuning, regularization and optimization
  3. Structuring machine learning projects
  4. Convolutional neural networks
  5. Sequence models

Program Assignments


Xiaohu Blogs

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[Learning from Multiple Tasks - Class Review]( Learning/Learning-from-Multiple-Tasks-Class-Review/)

[Foundations of convolutional neural networks — Class review]( Learning/Foundations-of-convolutional-neural-networks-—-Class-review/)

[Learning from Multiple Tasks - Class Review]( Learning/Learning-from-Multiple-Tasks-Class-Review/)

[Case study of classic networks - Class review]( Learning/Case-study-of-classic-networks-Class-review/)

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[Object detection - class review]( Learning/Obejct-detection-class-review/)

[YOLO algorithm]( Learning/YOLO-algorithm/)

[Semantic segmentation with U-Net - Class review]( Learning/Semantic-segmentation-with-U-Net-Class-review/)

[Face recognition —— Class Review]( Learning/Face-recognition-——-Class-Review/)

[Neural style transfer —— Class review]( Learning/Neural-style-transfer-——-Class-review/)


[1], Deep Learning Specialization