A brief introduction - What I have learnt at SCUT

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I am a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering (机械类创新班) at South China University of Technology (SCUT). To be honest, my classmates is a group of talented and hardworking guys. With such excellent competitors, I have to try my utmost to keep ranking top 10%. Meanwhile, I spend most of my spare time in participating in subject competitions, scientific projects, etc.

Up to now, I achieve GPA 3.84/4.0 (around 88/100) in the newest transcript. And I have learnt quantities of techniques about software, hardware and scientific research.

I have listed some of my information as following, which I hope could help you consider my application.



Gear box design: — 01/2020


  • 3D: SolidWorks
  • 2D: AutoCAD

Usually, we use 2D mechanical drawing to indicate how to manufacture parts or assemble parts. But the assignment required us to apply 3D dimensioning to do this. I successfully did it and got an A in Mechanical Design coursework.


3D dimensioning

CNC machine tools design: — 05/2020

Software: Inventor

I have a good command of constructing CNC machine tools.


Robotics and Automatic Control

Human Robot Interaction:— 10/2018 ~ 03/2019


  • Rviz, Gazebo in Ros
  • OpenCV

With a stereo camera with two lenses, the distance information can be saved, which allows the computer to construct a map while TurtleBot is moving.

SLAM by Stereo Camera

Computer Vision Internship: — 09~10/2019


  • OpenCV
  • VSCode

Hardware: Camera

I acquired knowledge of background subtraction to extract the moving robots. And I learnt that how to utilize Harris + Colour threshold + ROI to realize corner detection. Finally, I can get the target point in the centre of armour.

Centre point detection

Kinematic simulation for grinding process

Git for code collaboration: — 10/2020 ~ now


  • VSCode
  • Gitlens

I am working with others by using Git to construct models in MATLAB and python.

VSCode codes management

GitHub Private Repository

Data mining: — 09/2020 ~ now

Software: Jupyter Notebook (in python)

I know how to process data during carry out scientific research.

Data clean (by analysis of variance)

Pearson correlation coefficient

Modelling and simulation: — 11/2019 ~ now

Software: MATLAB

I am trying to randomly generate grains on the grinding wheel surface and put the data into the kinematic simulation.

Grains generation by Monte Carlo

Kinematics Simulation


Personal web page: — 11/2020~now

I believe that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Until now, I have 250 blogs in CSDN 狂小虎 with 30,000+ viewership.

Wandering Palace

CSDN blogs


Revolving lantern with shift right: — 09/2020

Software: GX developer

Hardware: PLC

I gained an understanding of how to make use of combinational logic and wiring.

GX developer

PLC wiring (Not matching last image)

Smart Car: — 10/2020 ~ now

Software: Keil


  • STM32 C8T6
  • K66

I master how to send and receive data constructing communication protocol.


Data receiving

Stm32 C8T6


Scientific Research

Search Papers: — 12/2017 ~ now

There is some literature database I am using for coursework, competitions, thesis.

Google Scholar


Web of Science


Read Papers: — 12/2017 ~ now


  • Mendeley
  • Acrobat
  • Endnote

I’ll take note and highlight while reading.


Take note: — 08/2020 ~ now


  • Notion
  • Evernote

In the past, I took note by hand. Recently, I preferably take note by software. Not only they can save my data on the Internet, but also I can work with others to finish the task. The last image shows that I cooperate with my schoolmate to carry out scientific research.



Write papers: — 09/2017 ~ now


  • MS office
  • LaTex

I have written many coursework papers by MS Office, and the recent one is the internship report with 41 pages and 25280 Chinese words. I master how to update sequence number for equations, tables, figures and reference.

Update reference by Mendeley or Endnote

I would like to make full use of LaTex template, and I know most of the LaTex syntax.


What can I do for you?

  • Construct 3D simulation scene model
  • Improve your trajectory planner
  • Collaborate with others to enhance our lab’s codes warehouse
  • Construct a theory model of automatic control
  • Process data from experiments
  • Search and read papers for knowledge accumulation
  • construct lab websites, write some open or private blogs and news in our lab site